Robin Remmerswaal

‘Together with young people, I fight for equal opportunities.’   

Growing awareness of inequality

"I have been given many opportunities in life, but I know that not everyone has the same chances. I had parents, brothers and a sister to whom I could always ask for advice, such as how to write a job application letter or how to create a CV. We were also able to participate in extracurricular activities, such as school trips, but some children in the neighborhood could not."

"During my History studies, I learned that problems in society almost always have a long history and that there are many external factors that cause inequality. Factors that often lie beyond an individual's control. I find this unfair. That's why I like to give back to society, especially to reduce inequality of opportunities."

Collaborating with young people

"I have been volunteering since I was young, from being a football coach for the F team to organizing summer camps for children. I have fond memories of the joy that children radiate when they play sports together or when they go to camp for the first time, it's unforgettable!"

"Through NN, I am a career coach for young people. For example, last year I was a mentor for three boys who grew up in a neighborhood with socio-economic disadvantages. They could come to me for career advice or help creating a CV. It was a temporary program, but it created a bond. And now I am working on the next project: I am now a buddy for a young person with a physical disability. The goal is to create equal opportunities for them in the job market."

Social involvement

"NN offers me the opportunity to pursue my personal mission professionally. Together with my colleagues, we look at how NN can contribute to a better society. This goes beyond taking our social responsibility. We call it 'involvement' because we want to do more for the society of which we are a part."

"With our NN Future Matters program, we help people in need with their finances or job opportunities. We also provide assistance to children who grow up in difficult financial circumstances. I organize volunteer activities together with NN's social partners. And I try to mobilize as many colleagues as possible to participate."

A better world

"From my own experience, I know how much satisfaction volunteering brings. I try to inspire my colleagues to do the same. It gives you new insights because you step out of your bubble, it makes you more resourceful and simply richer as a person. But the most important thing is that you help people who really need it. And the beauty is, you can do volunteer work during working hours at NN - provided you coordinate it properly, of course."

"I think it's amazing that NN offers you many opportunities, both in business and social areas. I have a versatile and challenging job and the opportunity to make the world a bit more beautiful every day. And knowing that someone really benefits from what we do with all the volunteers is the icing on the cake for me."

"So, I do a lot for and with young people who have fewer opportunities and little chance to change that. In my opinion, young people are an important source for solving social problems. Young people and children are less biased and therefore think outside the boundaries that we as adults often set. Put a few young people together and they come up with very creative ideas. Moreover, we are working together on their future."

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