Front-end Developer

'NN has a great tech setup and a good fit with my skills'

‘I like to cook, and I see a connection between cooking and engineering. You have a recipe and ingredients that you need to put together. Your first result might not be perfect, but if you keep practicing, you can certainly get it right. I was drawn to work in IT because it delivers something truly useful to people. I can make a real impact, and my work is valuable.

‘I was born and raised in Poland and moved abroad to experience life in another countries. Currently, I am living in Brussels, where I found a job at NN Insurance. During the interview process, I met some of my potential colleagues. At this early stage, they seemed like people with whom it is nice to work, and afterwards I realised I was not mistaken. Additionally, the tech stack used by NN caught my attention, with a nice combination of front-end, back-end and cloud technologies, which was also good fit with my skills.’

Different vibes in different rooms

‘I split my time between working at home and working in the office. NN gives me the flexibility to plan my week the way it works best for me. Even when I'm working from home, I stay in touch with my colleagues. At the office, things are less quiet, but more dynamic. I get the opportunity to work closely with people and share a coffee or lunch with them. NN values a good work/life balance, which ensures that nothing becomes too overwhelming.

‘The first six months I worked here, I joined a team that was developing application for brokers. The teamwork was amazing! We worked well together, stayed in constant contact and had a close connection to our analysts and business stakeholders. Our aim was to make brokers’ work as easy as possible, providing them the high-quality UI and UX. We incorporated all useful information to guide them through their processes. Seeing how our work made a direct impact on our colleagues was really satisfying. If brokers are happy, then customers are happy. What can be better than that?’

Continuous growth

‘Now, I’m working on a team that’s experimenting with a new technology stack. For a software developer like me, it’s important to be flexible and keep learning. NN gives you lots of opportunities to grow. We receive training, attend learning sessions, and have access to platforms to gain new skills. Even during our regular work, I’m constantly learning new things and I’m never bored. Even better - NN encourages you with positive feedback. In my previous jobs, I didn’t always hear about it when things went really well. But here, there’s always someone to say “good job!” when you succeed at something. I feel a bit spoiled with that!

‘NN is a mature company, but they’re definitely not afraid to explore new technologies. In my daily job, I am using AI tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, which you might not expect from an insurance company. All this great tech, combined with the great people, makes a really nice place to work.’

Paint your future

‘I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person, and I love painting and drawing. As a little girl, I thought I might become an artist. However, my father was into computers and would often assemble PCs by himself, which piqued my interest. I always tried to understand what he was doing. I changed direction few times. In school my biggest passion was all about art, and then at university I studied economics. Eventually, I chose programming because I was looking for practical carrier path, and a way to make the lives of other people easier. I’m glad I chose it. I get to create things every day that have a real purpose and I also have a space to be creative.’

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