Cloud Solution Lead Engineer

'At NN, the engineering culture is really well-developed'

‘I started at NN in 2015 as an external Mobile Lead, working on apps. Then, I moved to the cloud side and worked with the DevOps team. I then worked on the API platform, standardising continuous integration and deployment. Now, we’re creating a new Platform Engineering team to create an NN platform that gathers all the frameworks and standards our engineers need to create solutions with the right security and quality. So, I’ve had a lot of roles and responsibilities.’

Give me a beat

‘I love to dance, so I take lessons at an urban dance school. I also play guitar in a band, and music is very important to me. I am also a boxing teacher. When I was a child in Georgia, boxing was very popular, and I’m still passionate about it. Maybe also because of my Georgian roots, I love to play chess too.

‘Before I moved to Spain, I was working in Germany automating robots to make car parts. That’s when I discovered programming languages and really loved the creation process of that. As a general engineer at the car company, everything was standard. In the first year, it was exciting, but after that, it got a little boring. It’s important to me to be creative and constantly search for ways to improve and practice, and programming gave me that chance.’

Creation with purpose

‘In Platform Engineering, we help engineers with the creation process by giving them one set of standards that ensure every engineer is empowered to make things they can be sure will work well. They have access to internal platforms that accelerate development. Automated processes and self-service infra help developers work effectively and create what our end users need. They only need to worry about the business logic. Developers have access to easily consumable, configurable and reusable patterns (workflows and services) through self-service IDPs that standardise quality and security.  At NN, the engineering culture is really well-developed. It’s a technology culture. Every day, we see how the power of engineers enable continuous growth. I’m passionate about helping engineers create things better and more easily.

‘An engineer creates things that connect and make a process better. They go beyond what’s possible now. So, it’s important to have a culture in which engineers are at the centre. At NN, the technology, hardware, process and culture are always changing and improving. We’re always striving to do things the right way, and aiming for ideas that work best for the company and for the end product. So engineers are at the centre of everything. There are guilds and groups, teams and projects outside of day-to-day work that you can join to talk about new challenges and explore things together.

‘A lot of people think an insurance company is all outdated technology, but we’re really at the top, working with the very latest technologies, like React and React Native, .NET 6.0, Azure and AWS, all of the great stuff. Then we write scripts and automate everything we can. I wish more people knew that about us.’

Welcome to the family

‘NN feels like a family to me. The IT department is always together, helping each other, setting goals and achieving them together. The people make all the difference. We work together yes, but we also have a lot of fun together. That’s always good to have. You don’t have to be super close to your colleagues, but it helps to know each other well.

‘NN’s environment and people make the difference for me. If you want to do something, you’re encouraged to try. If things aren’t going well, you’re encouraged to try something new. To grow and to change. Your input is validated and appreciated. NN cares about your growth and development, and gives you lots of chances to do that. If you want to improve, NN will do everything to make that happen. I’ve changed roles many times, and they always helped me pursue my new interests.’

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