Platform Engineer Internal Developer Platform (Full Stack)

Platform Engineer Internal Developer Platform (Full Stack)

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  • € 4.686 - € 6.694

We bieden je

  • NS Business card, ook privé te gebruiken
  • 13e maand en vakantiegeld
  • 27 vakantiedagen en 1 Diversiteitsdag
  • Hybride werken

Waarom NN Group

  • Meest menselijke corporate
  • Internationale werkomgeving
  • Support +20 miljoen klanten
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introWe are looking for a talented Platform Engineer (Full Stack) to join our Internal Developer Platform (IDP) team at NN and help us achieve our goal of becoming a socially responsible tech company that delivers digital products our customers love.   

Wat ga je doen?

Wat je gaat doen

As a Platform Engineer within our IDP team, you will be responsible for enhancing the Engineering Experience for all engineers at NN. By delivering the Internal Developer Platform as a new product, you aim to enhance Flow State, reduce Cognitive Load and improve Feedback Loops for developers across the company.


Based on user research within NN’s developer community, we have identified a top three of challenges that engineers are facing within NN:

  • Knowing how to get stuff done in NN is hard
  • Our test environments make it impossible to have confidence in shipping software
  • Our road-to-production processes are unclear and ambiguous


The Internal Developer Platform team aims to resolve these challenges by delivering a more integrated and frictionless engineering experience. The following features are part of the platform:

  • Software Catalog: catalog of NN software and teams behind it
  • Paved Roads: batteries included scaffolding for a new service
  • Templates: productized building blocks you can use in your projects
  • DevOps Metrics: how well your DevOps team is performing
  • Tech Radar: tracking adoption and maturity of technologies
  • Tech Docs: publish and discover documentation
  • Architecture Decision Records: discover and publish architecture decision records
  • Day 2 Operations: dashboards for 2nd day operations


These features will be delivered through a GUI and GIT based interface using Backstage (open source) technology, hosted on Kubernetes and with integrations towards an extended package of back-end systems for orchestration mostly based on REST APIs and serverless.


To be successful, the team has identified six Internal Developer Platform design principles that will drive your engineering work daily:

  • The platform offers meaningful abstractions
  • The platform is thin
  • The platform centers around productized standards
  • The platform is secure and transparent
  • The platform supports self-service and is fully automated
  • The platform is composable and open


As a member of the team, you will navigate groundbreaking terrain. Leveraging technologies like serverless, Kubernetes, Typescript, Node.js, React, AWS and Backstage to deliver the Internal Developer Platform and optimize the NN engineering experience. Your responsibilities include:

  • Build & Run our Backstage based Internal Developer Portal:
    • TypeScript, Node.js, AWS, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, OpenSearch
  • Understand and apply API-first approach (MACH architecture)
  • Understand and apply Domain Driven Design
  • Authentication / RBAC / OAuth2 / IAM
  • Work on CI/CD pipelines and automated tests
  • Write great documentation ( and Wiki)
  • Introduce InnerSource mechanisms to co-create selected platform features
  • Security mindset (SAST/DAST and Threat Modeling)


Wat wij jou bieden

Wat wij jou bieden

NN invests in an inclusive, inspiring work environment and in skills and competences for the future. We match this with employee benefits that are in line with what is needed today and in the future. This way, we offer our employees the opportunity to get the best out of themselves. We offer you:

  • Salary between €5.206 and €7.438 (based on 40 hours), depending on your knowledge and experience
  • 13th month and holiday allowance are paid with your monthly salary
  • 27 vacation days for a 5-day working week and one Diversity Day
  • A modern pension administered by BeFrank
  • Plenty of training and learning opportunities
  • NS Business Card 2nd class, which gives you unlimited travel, also privately. Do you prefer to travel with your own transport? Then you can declare the kilometers travelled
  • Allowances for setting up your home office and for internet use


It is important to us that you continue to develop yourself. We give you the space and the confidence to grow in your career as well as a person. We help you with:

  • Plenty of training and learning opportunities in our Learning & Development Centre
  • A large (international) network of (engineering) colleagues who are keen to share their knowledge with you
  • The autonomy to steer your own development path


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Your first week

08:00 12:30 18:00
Headed to the office
A personal welcome from your manager
Pick up laptop at IT Service Desk
Meeting your team
Going home
Headed to the office
Onboarding session: Welcome at NN! With information about NN and the values 'care clear & commit'
IT onboarding session
Going home
Day start with the team
At NN we work hybrid, today you work from home.
Walking lunch
Online meetings and emails
Teams meeting with a colleague from NN Group
Headed to the office
Onboarding session Facility Management and HR
Lunch at the office with colleagues
Online session about security at NN
Going home
Go through a few more emails and process all the new impressions you have gained so that you can go into the weekend with a great feeling.
You finish right on time! At NN a standard working week is 36 hours

Wat je meebrengt

Wat je meebrengt

Within the IDP team, we have adopted the “No asshole” rule; as we are looking for colleagues that are good at what they do and are also nice to work with. You bring a positive mindset and energy, which makes you an inspiration to collaborate with. You always have new ideas, you see possibilities and learn from situations. Furthermore, you recognize yourself in (multiple) of the following skills and experiences:

  • Hard skills - You are good at what you do
    • Focusing on automation and integration
    • Prioritizing security, costs & reliability
    • Proficiency in cloud technologies (mostly AWS)
    • Understanding of serverless architectures
    • Understanding of containerization (Kubernetes on AWS)
    • Experience in new developments such as GitOps (ArgoCD) and cloud resource orchestration (Crossplane)


  • Soft skills - You are nice to work with
    • Teamwork and collaboration over personal success
    • Seek first to understand, then to be understood
    • Focus on solving important business and user problems by empathizing with the end user

Je zal samenwerken met

Met wie je werkt

The Internal Developer Platform team is part of the Engineering Experience & Platforms domain. This domain is responsible for optimizing the NN engineering experience by delivering a frictionless and integrated engineering journey through the Internal Developer Platform and supporting the software delivery lifecycle with CI/CD solutions. While also offering several reliable platforms that provide integration or hosting solutions (e.g. API Gateway and Kubernetes). We serve DevOps teams within NN globally and we can measure our success using the DORA metrics (amongst others). We are successful when DevOps teams optimize their performance on deployment frequency, change lead time, change failure rate, mean time to recover. Aside of course from delivering a positive impact to developer happiness across the company.


The domain has a scale-up type of culture and consists of a group of energetic and empowered engineers and product teams. We strive to make Cloud-Native technology successful across the entire company (including our international units). We really value our culture and nourish it at every opportunity. Team events are regularly organized. Last year we did airsofting, go-karting, game days, had a Christmas event and did several dinners with the teams.


The IDP team has a strong product mindset. They work according to the double diamond model (design thinking) as they have a UX designer and User Researcher within the team that empathize with the end user and clearly identify problems to resolve. The skilled engineers within the team work closely together with them to develop and deliver features that help resolve these problems and deliver value to the end users. Via this way of working the outcome (value) is maximized and the team helps enhance the engineering experience for NN globally.


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Sophia Wery

Sophia Wery

Talent Acquisition Specialist Tech & Data

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